Rich history of Karnataka and Hyderabad

Both Karnataka and Hyderabad showcase a wealthy past respectively. The glorious history of both cities accentuates the culture and traditions that lingers to this day. Karnataka tours and package offer a versatile journey across these intriguing details from the past of Karnataka and Hyderabad. Karnataka heritage tours also swoop you into a pool of mystic tales that leave you enchanted until the end. From being IT Revolutionary in the country, Karnataka is steeped sophisticatedly in excellent shorelines and scenic vistas. Hyderabad is adorned with magical incense in the air, immense spiritually rich places and exclusively famous for delicious Hyderabadi cuisine. If you have been waiting to delve for these historical cities, there is never a better time for it!


for first two days

Hyderabad’s magnificent monuments and stunning landscapes make it once of the most rewarding destinations of the country.

Days here will be spent by visiting the beautiful monuments such as massive Golconda Fort, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Charminar (an imposing granite edifice), Mecca Masjid and Salar Jung museum.

Take an interesting walk in the charming bazaars around Char Minar.


for a day

Drive to Bidar- the capital of Bahmani kingdom. The old town has some amazing ruins and monuments. Take a guided tour of the impressive Bidar Fort, Bahmani tombs and Mahmud Gawan madarsa. Take a walk in the bazaars.


for couple of days

Drive to Badami- once the capital of Chalukya empire. Take a guided tour of the most beautiful Badami cave temples. Visit the Virupaksha temple at Pattadakal and a few incredible temples at Aihole.


for three days

Drive to Hampi. It was once the capital of the massive Vijayanagar Empire. To explore this incredible place entirely, count on spending at least two full days here.

Next couple of days will be used to explore this world heritage site. Visit the Virupaksha Temple- the ancient temple devoted by the patron deity of the Vijayanagara’s king. Vittala temple- possibly the most rewarding in all Hampi sights. Also visit the 16th century Achyutaraya temple, Ramachandra temple and Lotus mahal.

Explore around the great monuments and take an interesting walk of the Hampi bazaar and temples.


for three days

Drive to the tropical paradise Goa. Perfect place to relax. Visit the beautiful churches and Cathedrals in old Goa.

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